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Infinite Mindset- A Necessity Or The Need Of The Hour?

In this blog article, I would like to talk about a subject that has entrenched me over the last couple of weeks and months. It is something that I have only started to discover in recent times, given the level of complexity that characterizes our day to day lives and situations. It is definitely something worth re-examining and giving a thought over, knowing how every aspect of our lives are modelled around this very theory or belief that has started to emerge in as recent as the 21st century. It is none other than- 'The Infinite Mindset'. The infinite mindset or rather 'infinite thinking' can be defined as a state of mind, characterized by constant learning and unlearning, constant reworking and tuning of past beliefs and attitudes and more importantly, the cultivation of a growth mentality when approaching any situation or circumstance that involves other people around with similar interests. It seeks to create or stimulate a world, where all people shift from aggress
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Cricket On The Streets!

It is another fine evening of a bright Sunday. As the wind blows with full gusto, the young boys and girls can be seen playing on the footpaths and streets that line the heart of the neighborhood. With loud voices heard from distances apart, it throws light on the days as a young boy, living in the confines of a vast and expansive neighborhood. As the boy raises his bat to hit his target, a loud stream of voices can be heard from far-off, driving eagerness and enthusiasm in the much-loved sport amongst the Indian populace- cricket! With a blissful passion filling the hearts of the young people in this age and time, a trove full of countless memories reinvigorates itself as I lay there spellbound. A reminder of the good old summer holidays playing with a few friends as the schools would close for that time of the year. As I would lay outside, waiting for one of my good old schoolmates to come join us for the game, a loud sound of the TV could be heard. The television set would be tuned

New Year- A New Beginning?

It is yet another evening of a great Friday. The boys not far off from the streets can be seen playing cricket as they end another great winter holiday set forth in high spirits. As we draw close to another year, not very far off sight, there is a lot hope, a lot of dreams, a lot of aspirations for a better world, a better future and indeed a better reality. For some of us who have graduated from university, we are filled with hopes for better opportunities that may come pass our way, for some it is to finally finish off with university, while for yet another dime of the crowd, it is to discover what we truly like or are interested in, as we have just immersed our feet into the corporate world. Underlying all these situations and circumstances, is the constant and relentless struggle as we make haste with the reality that we have unhesitatingly come to subscribe to. The outbreak, in it's 3rd phase has made yet another comeback, laws and restrictions have unwittingly been reimposed

The Education System: In Need of Restructuring

In this article, I would like to talk about a subject that has daunted me for years of having gone through the ups and downs of my student life, right from school life until college life. It is a subject that I often wanted to question, given how on it's part, it plays quite a significant role in influencing how we live our lives the way we live it. There is no other broad and encompassing term to refer to this collection of mindsets and value systems communicated by the so-called: 'Education System' as it has come to be referred to increasingly in recent times. As we all are aware about it, education or rather the 'educational system' is a way of communicating the 'value systems and ideals' of a set country as well as the culture that governs it. It serves as a way a particular community would identify itself with it's heritage, lineage, history and the list goes on. The educational system of a country like India, would in relative terms be different

Open Mindedness And It's Relevance In Today's Reality...

Many a times in our lives, we come across situations or circumstances where our own personal beliefs and values are challenged, where the whole concept of society and the curbs it tries to impose on it's people through subtle forms of direct or in-direct gestures, actions or references are omni-present in the current world we live in, and more importantly a situation where only one type of community exists, which brings us to a situation where our views, our perceptions and more importantly our outlook towards life is challenged so much to the extent that one feels the need to confirm to the society and their ways of thinking. This raises a dominant but significant question as to how do you navigate these challenges as well as how do you come up with a comprehensive approach that could help mitigate such situations. All of this leads to my topic of adopting an open minded perspective to handle these and many forthcoming challenges destined to come along the way. Throughout the cour

Idealists- In Verge of Extinction?

We all live our day to day lives and situations, doing the things we love and appreciate, carrying out certain tasks or responsibilities that form or constitute the core essence of each of our own individual life situations and to quite a surprise- our roles as well in a given society, which with it's pressures and constraints also goes a long way to affect or impact our lives or the circumstances that come along with it. As we navigate through the 'hustle and bustle' of our lives, vouching for solutions to the 'missing puzzle pieces' that come in our pathway, there come a certain group of individuals or people who in the present day society we live in- are often looked down upon or neglected, given the value systems and beliefs that currently govern the society we all live in today, as well as the pressures exerted by the so-called 'capitalist culture' or the 'capitalist mindset' which has exerted it's influence in our day to day  situations and

The Impermanence Of Friendships

About a while ago, I was dwelling over a topic that very much correlates with our day to day lives and situations. It is definitely a topic that forms the true essence of our lives without which our life would feel incomplete or lost. We do not fail to realize that this very aspect goes a long way in determining who we become, or who we end up becoming- all of which are a part and parcel of this very significant component of human relations- 'Friendships or Human Relationships'. Right from the time we enter into this world as babies, till the time we end up becoming adults and wither away with passing age and time, friendships or relationships seem to form or occupy a greater aspect of our day to day lives. What is worth noting is that at each and every stage of our lives- there appears to be a transition in the friendships or relationships that we forge. For instance, when we are small, our first friends are our mothers, fathers, sisters- in short our immediate family. As we g